The modern workforce is multigenerational, diverse and is held together by employees working in varied formats such as inperson, remote and hybrid. To remain competitive, relevant, and inclusive, organizations need to be digitally equipped and provide teams with ongoing educational solutions to reinforce their working culture and offer valuable insights. We deliver our expertise across various channels to meet the needs of our partners.

In-Person Training

We have delivered onsite training and presentations to government departments, political parties, multinational companies, not-for-profits, and community groups.

From our experience, we believe that in-person communications are powerful for deep-dive information exchange, and facilitating difficult conversations and shared learning experiences.

Live Virtual Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of virtual events and meetings. We utilize technology to enhance the accessibility of our training solutions.

Through this channel, we can offer benefits such as cross-team collaboration, instant feedback, and flexibility. Virtual sessions can also be recorded and accessed later for those who cannot attend live sessions.

Online Training

We believe that training materials should be easily accessible and stimulating. Through online and on-demand channels, clients can access modular training comprising of videos, materials, and digital experiences.

Utilizing an on-demand training approach allows companies to track their training investment, educate their workforce at scale, and set up onboarding structures.

Our Training Focus Areas

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy

Boards and senior executives are facing new challenges in the evolving workforce. Frameworks and strategies are key for implementing and tracking diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Through Ashanti Leadership’s 6 A’s Framework, we share practical approaches for leaders to consider.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Creating equality in an organization can be a challenging and rewarding journey. By eliminating discrimination, sharing opportunity, and celebrating difference, leaders can create a resilient and inclusive culture. Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) training builds awareness and gives insight on the importance of DEIA and how employees and managers can support organizational goals and contribute to an inclusive culture.


Unconscious Bias

Biases are embedded in our attitudes and beliefs, often without us knowing. They are based on our upbringing, social location, influences of media and educational institutions. Through the Unconscious Bias course, employees can explore what unconscious bias is and how it can be reduced within the workplace.


Board Governance

Boards have a critical role to play in steering the leadership of an organization. Having a Board educated and invested in the principles of diversity sets the foundation for an inclusive culture. Through high-level discussions and the use of managerial frameworks, Board members will explore their policies, processes, and DEIA journey to ensure they are steering the organization in its most resilient and purposeful state.


Human Rights Education

Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms that belong to all individuals. These rights must be protected. Employers should not wait for a human rights complaint to instill human rights best practices at the heart of the company culture. Our Human Rights Education can be tailored to the most pressing topics for your organization.


Inclusive Leadership

Leaders of progressive organizations seek collaboration and input from colleagues when making decisions and problem solving. This style of leadership encourages different perspectives. In our Inclusive Leadership training, we promote approaches and strategies for leaders to get the best out of their employees.


Women in Leadership

The voices of women, particularly minority women, have been absent from the decision-making table. Research has shown that having at least one-third female decision-makers has a powerful positive outcome. Through empowering and action-focused training content, we empower and support female leaders in the corporate environment.



Offhand comments, jokes and unintentional insults can make people feel that they are not accepted or trusted in the workplace. Despite being subtle, a microaggression is a form of prejudice and should be addressed in the workplace. The purpose of this training session is to raise awareness about the subtle but serious impact of microaggressions.


Trauma in the Workplace

Trauma in the workplace can have a detrimental impact on an individual's mental and physical state. We delve into the six principles of trauma-informed practice: safety, trust, choice, collaboration, empowerment, and cultural consideration.


Psychological Safety

Creating an environment where people feel safe to take interpersonal risks, make mistakes and disagree with others is key to creating a safe working environment. Psychological safety in the workforce enhances trust and community. This training program shares strategies for designing a safe space in the contemporary workplace.



Creating awareness and provisions for neurodiversity in the workplace allows for each person's strengths to be maximized and their working needs to be supported. Without neurodiversity-friendly provisions, there is a risk of exclusion and not getting the most of staff. Through first-person voices, academic studies, and business case studies, we offer training to raise awareness about neurodiversity and support organizations to adapt to the needs of neurodivergent staff.


Respectful Workplaces

Respect for employees, open communication, processes for conflict resolution, collaboration, and an inclusive culture, are ingredients that make up respectful workplaces. Based on your requirement, our respectful workplace training can be tailored to your organizational needs.


Leadership Development

Leadership development is a rewarding journey. Leadership is learned over time and effective leaders are supportive, problem-solvers, results orientated and seek different perspectives. Whether you are an individual or a group determined to develop in leadership, we can support you in your exciting journey.



Progressive immigration policies create opportunities for organizations and businesses to attract new talent and bring new perspectives and dynamics to their workplaces. With such changes, new provisions need to be implemented and nascent challenges can occur. We work with senior management to plan for successful recruitment and retention of new talent from different countries, regions and backgrounds.


Our partners receive training solutions built for the modern workforce and to support organizational and cultural design.


Ann Divine, CEO of Ashanti Leadership & Professional Development Services Inc., is a sought-after speaker on organizational and cultural change.


We work closely with senior level government officials and corporate executives to problem-solve and implement strategies to support their organizational goals.


Through one-on-one coaching programs, we support ambitious professionals who are new to management up to C-Suite executives navigating their next step.

What challenges are you facing within your organization?