Our CEO, Ann Divine, MA, BA (Hons), is an accomplished businessperson and inclusion advocate who works with organizations seeking transformative change, agility, and adaptability. As a believer and trainer in inclusive leadership, Ann works passionately with businesses, organizations, and communities to create environments where individuals can be their authentic selves and feel like they belong. She sits on boards such as United Way Centraide Canada and Halifax Chamber of Commerce and frequently talks in the media on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility issues.

Through relatable storytelling and drawing from her senior management experience at the government level in England and Canada, Ann captivates and challenges audiences through keynote speeches and presentations. She is best known for her expertise in organizational and cultural change.

Ann is a sought-after speaker in:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Unconscious Bias

Inclusive Leadership and Belonging

Leadership Development

Human Rights Education

Women in Leadership

Women of Colour and Leadership

Organizational Resiliency

In addition to public speaking, Ann is an experienced conference facilitator and host. If you are looking for a passionate and engaging expert in organizational and cultural change to deliver a keynote speech or presentation, contact us today to explore how we can support you.


Our partners receive training solutions built for the modern workforce and to support organizational and cultural design.


Ann Divine, CEO of Ashanti Leadership & Professional Development Services Inc., is a sought-after speaker on organizational and cultural change.


We work closely with senior level government officials and corporate executives to problem-solve and implement strategies to support their organizational goals.


Through one-on-one coaching programs, we support ambitious professionals who are new to management up to C-Suite executives navigating their next step.

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