A safe space to explore and resolve complex issues.

Ashanti Leadership is at the forefront supporting organizations to investigate, mediate and resolve disputes of complex nature within the constantly evolving work environment. We recognize how challenging these situations can be. Our approach is to listen with intention and draw on our emotional intelligence (EQ) to explore the issues, analyze them and assist organizations find workable solutions between parties to gain actionable recommendations for employees, senior leaders, and Board members to resolve issues through an informed and inclusive lens.
The Investigations and Mediations Division at Ashanti Leadership is led by Professor David Divine. David has decades of experience in social work practice and social housing in the UK at the director level. He ran a consultancy specialising in social work, housing, and community health from 19942004 and was a courtappointed guardian ad litem on several childrelated legal proceedings. Between 20042009, David was the James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. During his time as Chair of Black Canadian Studies, he played a key role in acquiring over 3.8 million dollars in grant funding within four years. David now spends his time supporting organizations facing complex diversity and inclusion challenges and brings academic, political, and highlevel government experience to engagements.


Each investigation is different and requires an intimate understanding of the issues and dynamics with the key parties through a non-judgmental approach. Ashanti Leadership provides a safe space for parties to converse through interviews. The interviews are cross-referenced through qualitative methodological practices and the findings and recommendations are presented to senior management and Board members to address the investigated issue or issues.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

In today’s ever changing work environment, it is inevitable that conflict may arise at work. Organizations may find a third-party or independent body valuable in seeking to resolve conflicts which occur daily at work. Individuals may identify concerns of miscommunication, microaggression, discrimination, harassment, alienation, and abuse, all of which can be very traumatic for those involved and may require experts to support in a mediation process. Through a neutral and confidential approach, we work with organizations to open lines of communication and facilitate a space to reach common ground to attain a resolution to the conflict. Ashanti Leadership also recognizes that individuals are from diverse backgrounds and may bring specific cultural dynamics to the process.


Our partners receive training solutions built for the modern workforce and to support organizational and cultural design.


Ann Divine, CEO of Ashanti Leadership & Professional Development Services Inc., is a sought-after speaker on organizational and cultural change.


We work closely with senior level government officials and corporate executives to problem-solve and implement strategies to support their organizational goals.


Through one-on-one coaching programs, we support ambitious professionals who are new to management up to C-Suite executives navigating their next step.

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